I’m Andrea Brusuelas, founder and artist of Archangel Sports. What some might do as a hobby, I do for a living as a commercial artist – drawing, sketching, painting. In my free time, I love to be outdoors; riding my bike, running, and swimming. If I’m being honest, my favorite of these hobbies is cycling which is why I’ve chosen to begin the Archangel collection in that space.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you, my customers, and this budding brand. Let’s get out there and fly high!

Feel good = look good = work harder

When we feel good, we look good and we work harder. And isn’t that the end game; reaching lofty goals while feeling good and having fun? Archangel cycling and triathlon apparel is comfortable, beautiful, and exceptionally well-performing. Every detail, from fabric selection to seam placement, is thoughtfully considered to provide you with the best possible fit, function, and cost.

Black is our favorite color.

Who doesn’t look good in black? That doesn’t mean you won’t see some pink or purple thrown in the mix, but Archangel is about pushing the edge of fashion, art, and athleticism.